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The Uffizi Museum of Florence, Italy is one of the world's oldest and most famous art museums which is home to an incredible collection of Renaissance art. The gallery was founded in 1581 by Duke Francesco I de Medici with the original collection made up of paintings and sculptures that belonged to the Medici family. Over time, the collection has grown and now includes works by some of the most famous Italian and European artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, and Titian. There are three entrances to the museums with two floors each housing more than 40 rooms. The museum's stunning architecture and world-renowned collection make it a must-see for any art lover visiting Florence. In addition to admiring the incredible artworks on display, visitors can enjoy the spectacular views of the city from the museum's rooftop terrace.

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Uffizi Gallery has two entrances, one for pre-booked and the other for offline tickets, which you must purchase on the spot. If you want to avoid long lines, booking your tickets online in advance is advisable which will let you enter the attraction by door 3. Alternatively, you can purchase your tickets at the gallery on the day of your visit, however, be prepared to queue as the line can be very long.

Ground Floor

The Ground Floor of the Uffizi Gallery is functional and is used for the entrances and exits, however, it doesn’t actually have any rooms that contain artworks or exhibitions. Besides that, the ground floor of Uffizi Museum Florence is used for hosting other utilities like a store of small luggage at the cloakroom near the entrance. In addition to a bookstore where one can buy multilingual guidebooks that helps you explore the gallery.

First Floor

On the first floor of the museum, you’ll find that there are only smaller collections of exhibits, yet they are divided into four sections. While the room no. 46 to 55, known as blue rooms houses art of foreign artists that are majorly from 16 to 18th century. The room no. 56 to 66 houses paintings and marble sculptures of famous artists like Raphael, Andrea del Sarto, Rosso Fiorentino and more.

Second Floor

The actual exploration and art admiring begins on the second floor of the museum as there are around 45 rooms, each housing stunning art pieces from around the world. Get amazed at the talent on display, from paintings to sculptures. Some of the popular arts which you may witness here are the "The Birth of Venus" and "Primavera" by Botticelli, "Cabinet of Prints and Drawings" within the Uffizi collection.

The architecture of the Uffizi Museum

  • The Uffizi Museum Florence is one of the world's oldest and most famous art museums. The museum's stunning architecture and world-renowned collection make it a must-see for any art lover visiting Florence.
  • The building's grand facade faces the Florence Cathedral and its famous dome. The interior of the Uffizi Gallery is just as impressive as its exterior, with high ceilings, ornate chandeliers, and marble floors.
  • The Uffizi is a typical Italian Renaissance building: symmetrical with clearly defined volumes, proportions, and colors.
  • The ladder case of the museums is also an attraction in itself as it is divided into two parts. While the first one that stops at the first floor was designed in the Florentine Renaissance style, the second part leading to the gallery floor is designed in NeoClassical form.

Plan Your Visit To Uffizi Museum

Essential Information
How To Reach & Accessibility
  • Location:

Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

  • Timings:

The museum is open every day except Monday, from 8:15 am until 6:30 pm. The last admission can be done by 5.30 only.

  • Entrances:

There are three entrances to the Uffizi Museum. The first door is for large groups, mostly for school groups and special tours. While door 2 is for those who want to buy tickets offline from the counter and enter, door 3 is dedicated to those with prior reservations through online mode.

1. How To Reach

  • By Train:

If you want to reach the Uffizi museum via a train, take the train to the nearest train station, Santa Maria Novella (SMN) Station. From here the museum is at around 1.4km distance which you can cover by foot or taxi according to your preference.

  • By Bus:

If you are travelling from bus, make sure to get off at the nearest bus stop, the Galleria Degli Uffizi Bus Stop which lies on the C1 Bus Route.

2. Accessibility

The museum can be accessed by disabled people with the help of wheelchairs which they can get at the entrance of the museum. Visitors who have vision impairments or full disability can still visit the Uffizi Gallery through the “Uffizi by Touch” tour.

  • Buy your ticket in advance! Booking tickets online in advance will let you freeze your slots on your chosen time and date.
  • Arrive early: If you want to tackle less crowds in the attraction so that you can explore at your own pace, then arrive early opening hours, around 8:15 am in the morning.
  • Visit during the week. The Uffizi Museum Florence is open every day except Monday, but it tends to be less crowded on the weekdays than on weekends.
  • Don’t bring selfie-sticks, tripods, stands, or use flash for taking photographs.
  • "Medusa" by Caravaggio
  • "Venus of Urbino" by Titian
  • "The Adoration of the Magi" by Leonardo da Vinci
  • “The Annunciation” by Fra Angelico
  • ‘Coronation of the Virgin’ by Fra Angelico
  • ‘Madonna with the Long Neck’ by Parmigianino

FAQs of Uffizi Museum

Why visit the Uffizi Museum?

Uffizi Museum Florence is one of the oldest museums in Europe which is renowned all over the world for the innumerable extraordinary masterpieces it houses. Most of the displays are dedicated to the Renaissance era.

What is the best time to visit the Uffizi Museum?

If you want to avoid crows and explore the museum at your own pace, then the best time to visit the Uffizi Museum will be during the early morning hours when the museum opens. Also, plan your visit during weekdays instead of weekends as during weekdays when it is sparsely populated.

What should I not miss at the Uffizi Gallery?

The highlights of the Uffizi Museum Florence include some of the most iconic paintings and sculptures from this defining period in art history. Among the must-see works at the Uffizi is Leonardo da Vinci's 'Annunciation ', Michelangelo's 'TondoDoni ',' Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus, and Raphael's 'Madonna of the Goldfinch.

How long does it take to get through the Uffizi museum?

If you just want to move through the museum quickly, you could probably do it in 2-3 hours. However, if you take your time and really soak in all the Uffizi Museum Florence offers, you could easily spend 4 hours or more here.

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How many pieces of art are in the Uffizi Gallery?

Uffizi Museum Florence has antiques, sculptures, and more than 100,000 illustrations and prints.

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